Rooneys Prepare For 'Mother Of All Receptions'
June 13, 2008

350rooneyweddingThe new Mr and Mrs Wayne Rooney are enjoying "the mother of all wedding receptions" after tying the knot on the Italian Riviera.

The England star and his new wife joined their 50 guests for a 24-hour party after completing the wedding formalities.

A source close to the couple told Sky News: "The wedding itself was always going to be low key with just family members present.

"But the party is a different matter. They want everyone who is there to have an experience they'll never forget."

The wedding day was rounded off with a firework display which took place despite torrential rain storms.

The couple have spent a reported £5m on the four-day celebration of their marriage around the historic town of Portofino.

Although OK! magazine has paid £2.5m for the exclusive pictures, the couple were snapped by paparazzi on their big day.

One photo showed bride Coleen setting off for the wedding. She was sheltered from the rain by two men with umbrellas as she climbed into a car.

The strapless prom dress with layered ankle length chiffon skirt was made by designer Georgina Chapman in New York.

Gianni Costa, the deputy mayor of Santa Margharita Ligure, conducted the civil ceremony. He told Sky News: "They looked very affectionate and very much in love.

"She cried during the ceremony. They exchanged vows but not rings. That, I thought, was unusual but i'm sure they did it later.

"He was not wearing a tie but looked sporty and elegant. She looked beautiful."

A wall of security was placed around all of the wedding venues to prevent the large media pack from getting a glimpse of the wedding.

Once the reception finally winds down, the couple are expected to fly to Necker in the Virgin Islands for their honeymoon.

They will then host a £250,000 party in Liverpool for friends and family not invited to Italy.

It is likely to take place just before the new football season kicks off.

Written by Sky News, June 13, 2008


Well he's no work commitments on the pitch in June, unlike many other Europeana has he?

Well [Luther Vandros] now that they are married, time to say [I Wanted Your Love] and ask, access to Liverpool is routine, but to enjoy the realms of Italy is another world. Are your devoted friends not worth a few air miles?

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