Lessons In Reporting, Italian Style.
June 12, 2008


By Greg Milam, Europe Correspondent

"Can you tell us when the wedding is," we asked one official.

"No," he said.

"Are we too late?" we asked.


"Would we have been too late if we'd arrived on Friday?"

"Yes. You'd have been too late on Friday."

And so the search for facts went on as the Wayne and Coleen roadshow rolled around the Italian Riviera.

Everyone here "knew" what was going on.

And everyone's version was different from everyone else's.

Maybe they're just abiding by the great local tradition here - that a celebrity's private life is just that.

As our Italian fixer put it: "Its as if everyone got the memo. No-one is telling us anything useful."

In other words, they know which side their bread is buttered in these parts and looking after the rich and famous is good for business.

There were murmurings about whether we'd all, in football parlance, been sold a dummy.

There seemed too much evidence to the contrary so we focused on some other key local developments which might have play a part.

Weather forecast was bad but Italian tradition says a wet wedding is a lucky wedding.

The local fishermen were on strike - let's hope the wedding planner had got plenty in.

Written by Sky News, June 12, 2008


Well [Zuchero- I Wont be Lonely] in the knowledge that I wasnt invited either.

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