'Here We Go Again'
June 16, 2008

LisbonblogBy Greg Milam, Sky Europe correspondent

Whatever you think of the Irish ‘No’ to the EU Reform Treaty there is at least one very, very unfortunate consequence.

And this week’s ‘crisis talks’ on where Europe goes from here is the first sign of it: more naval gazing.

The treaty was meant to signal the end of Europe doing nothing but talk about Europe and the start of it focusing on things that might actually make a difference to 500 million Europeans.

You might be of the opinion that the treaty was, in fact, a far more dangerous attempt to create a European superstate. And, who knows, you might be right.

But the prospect of more wrangling, be it weeks, months or years, over how a Europe of 27 countries actually works together is a depressing one.

Certainly for us Europe Correspondents.

And just as when France and the Netherlands voted ‘No’ to the constitution in 2005 you wonder where it leaves the numerous countries who had already said ‘Yes’.

There was a race to be the first to ratify the Treaty of Lisbon and a dozen countries have already done it, including France – this time through parliament rather than referendum.

So President Barosso will this week “undertake consultations” on how the EU should proceed, ahead of a meeting of heads of government in Brussels.

His advisors always insisted there was no ‘Plan B’ should the Irish vote ‘No’ (or should that be ‘Plan C’ which, if true, shows a rather worrying laissez-faire.)

It does mean that this week’s EU Council will have something meaty on the table for Brown, Sarkozy and Merkel to chew over.

It may even mean the returning Silvio Berlusconi will have to ease off on the jokes.

And outside protestors will be making noises about the rising cost of everything.

Being a European leader just got a touch harder.

Written by Sky News, June 16, 2008


There is one big difference: in the european colonies, Canada, USA, latin America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealamd, europeans are mixing very well.
A bit of suffering as gone a long way in south africa, I still got a glimpse of the old inter white division, which melted away in the seventies and eighties, as the struggle against the barberians gathered pace.
So it is not wrong or foolish to push for the european identity, and as many joint whatevers as possible. Some federal states are european: Canada, USA, Germany, Brasil, Australia. So there are own examples to follow!

How is the general public expected to understand the intricacies of a European treaty. Even the media and politicians cannot understand them or so it appears.
Long live the European Union of independant states lest we forget the conflicts, slaughter and inhumanity of the last century.

give the people of the UK a referendum.

I don't trust the MP's we have now. why would I think EU MEP's would be any different.
Just listen to them, Ignore the Irish vote and never let any vote happen again because they all say NO.
We pay for this representation, it's mad.

I am delighted Irleand voted No..Its Just another ploy to take ones culture and freedom. I hope they wont be bullied into taking to the polls again. No means No. Its democratic society and the people ahve spoken.

I cannot believe the comments from some Europhile politicians that its undemocratic for less than a million Irish voters to decide the fate of half a billion Europeans... Come off it whats undemocratic is not letting the other half billion have a vote on it!

The biggest test of EU integrity will come to surface when it stands by its treaty, suffice to say unless all members accept it blah blah blha. As Ireland has [Thankfully] said No, then thats the end of that. Other than that, still [No Regrets-Robbie Williams] and back to square one.

Welcome to the European dictatorship. I have the European flag as a foo-mat.
Disgusting attitude from European Elite.Time we take to the streets to regain our freedom ?

Well done Ireland!!
Gordon Brown should take note and allow the people in the UK to have their say. He won't though as he knows we would also vote no.

The EU have no one to blame for this issue except themselves, If this situation had been dealt with more openess and less backroom politics the Vote might have gone differently, The Margin with which the NO vote was passed was very slim, and it was in my opinion down to the fact that the effects of a Yes vote were not properly explained to Joe public, And also when the leaders of the country tell you "Ah sure I havent even read it..but sure vote yes anyway cause we said so"...what way would you vote.

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