Call The Cleaner
June 09, 2008

350europeanparliamentstr By Greg Milam, Europe Correspondent

What are we to make of David Cameron’s decision to send the man known as “the cleaner” to Brussels?

Hugh Thomas, the Conservative’s “head of compliance”, will arrive this week to clear up the expenses scandal among MEPs which is threatening to swamp the party with sleaze allegations.

Some will see this as a sign of a leader in control taking swift action to solve a problem.

Others might wonder why elected officials need to have their heads banged together over the use of public money.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Mr Thomas might face widespread resistance from Tory MEPs . A number have failed to publish details about allowances, family members they employ and companies used as “service providers”.

Bearing in mind the example of MEP Giles Chichester, the man charged by Mr Cameron with ensuring expenses integrity in the European Parliament, voters might wonder if it is being taken seriously enough.

Before he resigned as the party’s leader in the parliament he described it as a “whoops a daisy moment”.

Expenses have been a major issue in Brussels since February when the existence of a confidential report came to light.

It highlighted widespread abuse of the expenses system but was only available to MEPs themselves to read. Those same MEPs then voted to ensure it remained secret.

Lib Dem MEP Chris Davies became ‘whistleblower’ when he revealed its contents. “Embezzlement, fraud on a massive, massive scale,” was how he described it.

He feels some sympathy for some of the Tories in the latest scandal because, he says, the allowances system is too complicated. And when MEPs from northern Europe push for reform they are beaten down by members from other countries.

He is pushing for candidates in next year’s European elections to sign a declaration on transparency. No doubt the latest scandals will ensure they will.

But the damage may well have been done by then and if a majority of MEPs themselves want to keep secret what is really going on, what chance of any substantial change?

Not much ‘the cleaner’ can do about that.

Written by Sky News, June 09, 2008


Europe has been nothing other than a shambolic shame upon the integrity of millions within the UK, who pride themselves upon honest accountability, no matter what the politics.
Yet, [Alex Alverez] before us we have an EU Parliament bigger than any pig trough you could imagine, an EU court churning out more nonsense than you have probably had hot dinners, however, punish the poor so as to line their own illicit pockets.
As the UK is one of the major payers towards this trough, it is high time the EU President released a press release today and say [Gimme That Music] or UK subsidy towards your pockets will be reduced by 50%.
Now that should sort out the wolves from the chickens. Oh by the way, the case listed before us is one where the UK citizens want Free TV Licence for all, I dont suppose you got round to that considering all the laundering going on have you?
Chop Chop......We have to listen to the case of Abbey as well.....

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