The Perfect Place For A Big Day
June 11, 2008

350blogportofinopanorami By Greg Milam, Europe correspondent

Ah, Portofino. What awaits you, Wayne and Coleen? There can few more spectacularly glamorous, chokingly expensive and downright perfect places in the world for a big day.

When Richard Burton proposed to Elizabeth Taylor in the town's port, its reputation as the jewel of the Italian Riviera was ensured. Fair enough, Rod Stewart got married there, too, and Madonna has visited, but can we stick with the glamour from a different age for now?

In the 1930s, this idyllic harbour town was already a favoured haunt of artists when some of the biggest names of the celebrity world discovered its charms and started arriving by yacht.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor went to visit Rex Harrison at his villa there, mixing with the fishermen who ate in the same restaurants. The guest lists have included Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, Brigitte Bardot and Michael Caine.

The Rooney wedding party will be staying at the Hotel Splendido. A while ago I read about Vladi Gatto, the hotel lounge pianist, who learned to play Do Ya Think I'm Sexy when Rod married Penny there. He also claimed he was once playing 'Lady Madonna' by the Beatles when Ringo Starr walked by.

These days all the top designers have stores in Portofino - and holiday homes as well. President Silvio Berlusconi is said to own one of the best.

Prices are up there with the hottest properties anywhere in the world. No new homes have been built for decades. And if you're looking for a 'secure' spot for a wedding (ie: one where snappers can't spoil the exclusive deal) no helicopters are allowed, you can't swim in the port and only 300 cars are allowed into the town at any one time.

It'll be tough covering it, but someone has to do it! There is still a chance the happy couple will fool us all and get married far, far away. Portofino would cope, it KNOWS how to deal with real stars.

Written by Sky News, June 11, 2008


Unfortunately Julie the cult of celebrity has taken over big style. Any half-witted moron can get on Big Brother and be a talking point in a matter of weeks, e.g. Jade Goody is "famous" - why?
"Celeb" spots in the press and TV are like growing plants, they both thrive on fertiliser.

This is the most ridiculous farce for a wedding I've ever heard. It's not about the love between them, it's about gross and disgusting amounts of money being wasted. Come on folks, he only kicks a ball around a field - hardly putting his life on the line unlike our Armed Forces. As for the magazine deal - if noone bought it, OK magazine (and similar) would lose out, big time. It's sad that we've become a society so shallow minded that we've pushed these so called 'celebrities' (not) to such media heights.

Whilst the picture in itself paints a thousand words, any such matrimonial wonders do bring much joy and delight.
Naturally, I wish them both the very best, but [Aint It Funny-Jennifer Lopez] no matter what Sky will have it covered.

Does anyone really care that Wanye Rooney is getting married? I don`t. Their`s far more important things in the world, than an overated, and overpaid footballer getting married. It`s because our football "stars," are more concerned about their multi-millionaire lifestyles, and their "WAG`s," or whatever there called, that we not in Euro 2008. Not that we`d have won, anyway!

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