An Underground Love
June 05, 2008

Parismetro_3By Greg Milam, Sky News Europe correspondent

I can’t say it struck me as particularly romantic on a damp day under the Place de la Concorde.

But it seems the Paris Metro is a hotbed of romantic excitement.

A survey by the Paris Transport Authority has found that the majority of internet messages posted by Parisians trying to track down a mysterious stranger they spotted resulted from a moment on the underground.

The survey found that people were far more likely to experience a ‘frisson’ down below than in parks, museums or cafes.

Another study commissioned by the same organisation (have they nothing better to do with their money?) found that about one in ten Parisians had struck up a lasting friendship on the Metro.

Can you see an advertising campaign coming on?

The head of the authority’s conception and innovation department (yep, there is such a thing) was quoted as saying: “The Metro is not the emotional desert or the social vacuum that we sometimes believe it to be. It is an environment that induces love at first sight."

Then he got carried away: "The person who has never seen the women or man of their life disappear from a carriage as the doors close can never have taken the Metro.”

He’s now talking about the Metro being a “physical internet” where people’s paths cross briefly. Oh, and they’re thinking of opening cafes on the platforms so those moments when eyes briefly meet can be taken to the next level and extended into conversation.

And, sorry to break the romance, people will no doubt then discover that the person staring at them on the train isn’t a potential life partner – simply an old-fashioned stalker.

Written by Sky News, June 05, 2008


Indeed the underground world has provided many a rattling moments, some cherished others cringed upon.
Love as you so eloquently put it is I'm afraid blind and expensive at the best of times, yet when you are in it, you dun arf enjoy it.
Thus far as stalking matters, these moments appear before us in all our daily lives, the consequences of which more often than not speak volumes as evident in the case of Arsema. (God Bless Your Soul and Your family upon such a tragic and unwarranted brutal matter. Amen)
I just hope that all civilised people, young and old will now ensure those whom are a [L’il Devious] are deterred from carrying a knife or other such malicious weapon and that all our children [Come Home] safe and sound.

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