Hello? Hello?
December 14, 2007

It must be a fact of life for Adams, Annas and Andrews the world over – their phone rings and there’s just muffled noise at the other end of the line.

How many times have you accidentally called the person at the top of your mobile phone address book?

Well, the Belgians have found a way to make sure that at least someone benefits from those thousands of inadvertent calls.

The initiative, called ‘A Blind Call’, puts a special number at the top of your phone’s directory – and if you ring by mistake the cost of the call is donated to a blind charity.

Their TV advert might ring a bell with plenty of mobile phone users…

Calls are automatically cut off after 30 seconds and, they say, the cost would never be more than fifty pence.

Naturally the Belgian League for the Blind is delighted with the extra income, which is the idea of a Brussels-based media agency.

They recommend that phone users put ‘Ablindcall’ as the ‘name’ with the number – fine, unless you have a girlfriend called Abbie or a boyfriend called Aaron.

It is the work of ad agency Duval Guillaume. Peter Ampe and Karien Bottez came up with it. Peter told me: "We have had a lot of interest and no-one has heard of this being done before.

"My surname begins with A, my girlfriend is called Aagje, so we know what it is like to receive these calls. This solves a social problem as well as raising money for charity."

A Belgian newspaper has even called for the phrase 'broekzakbellers' (trouser pocket caller) to be included in the dictionary.

Of course, locking your phone keypad would be simpler – but at least it is for charity.

How long before enterprising companies and charities do the same in the UK?

Written by Sky News, December 14, 2007


What a brilliant idea. as an Anna I am a long suffering victim of "broekzakbellers"

Considering the fact that when you press the button on your phone with the green phone on it, or any other image as the case may be for making a call, then by default it is the last number that is redialled.
Insofar as "All The Things She Said" regarding Abbie or Aaron, indeed a very welcome opportunity for many a blind to both give and take.
As the UK advances itself towards such matters of charity, I'm sure the donations from round the globe will fill a pocket or "Tatu".

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